Listing Your Home Online? Read Here to Find Out How To Get Your Home Sold Fast By Nailing The Photoshoot

Photos are extremely important when it comes to selling a house. The photos must be impeccable. If they aren’t, buyers are going to skip over your house. Wouldn’t you? In regards to purchasing j70f6a92a27325dd5401b1194bb95bc65ust about anything, photos are crucial. Think about it. Even when it comes to auctions. People look at catalogs to see if there’s anything in it that they like. If the photos are terrible, they simply won’t go to the auction. You must figure out how to make your house look phenomenal in photos. Buyers go to the internet to begin their search for a house. If your photos are bad, your listing is not going to get any attention.

The first mistake sellers make in their photos have to do with the lighting. It is hard to photograph a house when you are fighting the sunlight. The sis why you must wait until the right time of day. Usually, this is very early in the morning, or almost before dark. This is really going to be trial and error. Take a day and photograph throughout it, to see what lighting works best. Perhaps you’ll want to choose a cloudy day. It will all depend. Each home is different, and has windows facing in different directions, so it is hard to give a general rule of thumb. You may even want to use the “flash” setting on your phone.

Always pick up any clothes, pet toys, or papers before taking the photographs. The home should be clean. Buyers don’t want to look at your mail on the kitchen countertops. On the topic of the kitchen, make sure to put away all appliances such as the toaster, blender, and coffee maker. The only thing you should have on the counters is perhaps a ptraditional-master-bathroom-with-rain-shower-i_g-IS-p5mq4xk8e5wd-YcMlsretty bowl of fruit in the center of an island. Read: Avoid These 9 Real Estate Photo Mistakes.

Make no doubt about it, the bathroom is always a difficult room to photograph. The mirror and sharp angles can make it very difficult. Even a big bathroom, is hard to show the size in photos. Bathroom pictures tend to make the room look smaller than it is. You’ll need a certain type of camera, and you’ll also need to try dozens of angles before you get it right. Be sure that your reflection, and the mirror flash, don’t show in the photos!

dog-house-1It can also be very hard to keep the focus of the pictures. Consider using a tripod. You do not want blurry pictures! It is very hard to get clear photos, which is why you might want to use a stand, as it is nearly impossible to keep your hands fully steady when taking the pictures.

Do not have your kids or pets present in the pictures. Buyers do not want to see your dog, cat, or toddler. One of the reasons is that if a buyer sees a small child in the pictures, they’re going to assume that the house has flaws from him or her. For example, drawings on the walls, or muddy carpet stains from the dog.

You should definitely edit your photos, but there is a fine line. You don’t want pictures photoshopped so much so that the house looks completely pixelated. That can make it difficult for the buyer to imagine what the house really looks like. They’re also going to wonder why the photos needed to be edited to that extreme. For further reading, see: 7 Biggest Real Estate Photography Mistakes to Avoid.

2 thoughts on “Listing Your Home Online? Read Here to Find Out How To Get Your Home Sold Fast By Nailing The Photoshoot

  1. Ruth says: house has been on the market for a while, and my realtor suggested that the photos aren’t so great. She also mentioned that it will be harder to sell now that it has been on the market for so long. I don’t understand why photos are so important?

  2. Gary Thompson says:

    Hi Ruth. There are a few questions you should ask yourself. Did you use an outdated camera? Did you upload tiny or blurred images of the home from your cell phone? Did you not bother to get a good angle of the home with plenty of pictures of both the exterior and interior? Realize that 90% of buyers start their search for a home online, before they actually see the home in person. Your listing pretty much is doomed if there aren’t high quality photos.

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