Want To Sell Your Home? You’ll Want To Read This: The All Inclusive Guide To De-Cluttering Your House.


How to Make Your Home Sell Faster By De-Cluttering

If you want to sell your house, getting rid of clutter is the fastest way to do that. Realize that the front yard and the walkway of your home is going to be what determines the buyers’ initial impression of your home. If your front door is chipping, or extremely worn, consider repainting it. Decluttering can be scary; you’re going through piles and piles of things that you never “got around to” sorting out, and now, you must do it all at one time. Below are some tips to help you sell your home fast, by simply de-cluttering it.

yard-makeovers-for-lessReplace the front door knocker, the door knob, and any and all other worn hardware. Consider setting up a seating area where buyers can sit to talk about the house. If you are selling your house during holidays, use decorations which can cause the buyer to make an impulse decision based on the “feeling” people tend to get during the holidays.

Exterior Suggestions

•If you can, create an outside focal point to draw buyers’ attention to landscaping, such as planting colorful flowers.
•Make sure sidewalks are free of debris and trash.
•Fix broken fences or gates.
•Keep gardens fresh, and the lawn mowed.



•Clear counters of small appliances.
•Pack rarely used appliances (crockpots, pots & pans)
•Pot racks, utensils hanging on walls and other open kitchen storage can be unsightly and even dangerous.
•Pack away rarely used staples and gear like seasonal cookie cutters, extra aprons, and unusual spices to air out pantries, drawers and cabinets.
•Remove evidence of problems, such as mothballs in closets.

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•Find a different or temporary home for jewlery, perfume, and rarely used toiletries. Read: Declutter Tips for Sellers.
•Pack or toss all but three changes of linens to create an airy look in your closets.
•Refresh shelf and drawer liners.
•Remove evidence of mothballs.
•Clean and repair grout.



•Pack out-of-season clothes and linens and store off-site.
•Choose a pretty, light set of linens for each bed, with crisp decorative pillows. Oh, and make sure they are clean!
•Pack away family photos.

Living, Dining & Family Rooms

•Clear out stacks of magazines and hobby materials. Stacks, even if neat and straight, add weight and visual clutter to rooms.
•Clean the window treatments and the windows.Unknown
•If your walls are covered with attention-grabbing artwork, shrink your arrangement to a tasteful few.
•Examine walls and woodwork for dirt and chips.
•Choose only a few pillows for accents.
•Make sure you have a safe, consistent landing spot for TV and sound system remotes, far from the hands of children.
•Limit the number of toys kept in any room, and create a place where the remaining toys can quickly be collected, such as a large basket. See: How to Declutter Before an Open House.


2 thoughts on “Want To Sell Your Home? You’ll Want To Read This: The All Inclusive Guide To De-Cluttering Your House.

  1. Sarah says:

    Great article..why is decluttering so necessary though? Don’t buyers understand that the seller’s house likely isn’t in the best shape since they are trying to move?

  2. Gary Thompson says:

    Hi Sarah. Decluttering is extremely important. Buyers actually do not walk in and see a mess and say ‘I empathize.’ Instead, they think, what a wreck and wonder what other ways you’ve probably let the house go. A buyer has to envision themselves in the home. Not only does this mean that they don’t want to see your family photos, but they also can’t focus on the house with dirty piles of laundry all over.

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