Buyers Frequently Annoy Sellers Without Even Realizing It. Follow These Pointers To Avoid Irritating The Owner

Sellers put in a whole lot of work when selling their homes. So, when you don’t show up, its a big deal. They spend a lot of time cleaning up their house (sometimes even hiring professionals), bring their kids to a babysitters house, and spend money to board their pets. When you don’t show up, they’ve wasted a few hundred dollars that day. And then, are expected to spend a few hundred more for the next time when you actually go. Unless it is an absolute emergency, there is no faster way to anger a seller than not showing up for a viewing when you say you are going to. e88d531e6ca565b60b5f04b91ef169da

Making Yourself At Home Too Fast. Don’t act like you run the place when you go to view it. Don’t make yourself at home, quite yet. If you’re hot, don’t run over and change the thermostat setting. Don’t go into any rooms that say “do not enter.” If the seller requests that you take off your shoes, do so. Many sellers have some “house rules” set for viewings. It is rude to not follow any rules.

Constantly Complaining. Don’t spend hours complaining about minor issues. It’s only necessary to establish that you don’t like the living room paint one time. Do not go on about it for five hours. It’s incredibly redundant, and you’ll really irritate the seller by doing this.

Having An Endless List of Perceived Issues. Don’t create a long list of problems with the house. Of course, you should write down any of your concerns with the home. But adding unnecessary complaints and ridiculous demands is just flat out annoying. If you don’t like the color of the baseboards, that’s not something you should mention for an hour, and demand that the seller re-paint all the baseboards in the home, for example. After you write your list, give it to your agent to proof-read. Chances are, he’ll want to nix much of what you’ve written down, or at least re-word. Read: Home Buying: How Do I Deal With a Difficult Realtor.09385f4b8b9b279e1f454552d6cc887a

Scheduling Numerous Visits. This happens time and time again. Some buyers think that if they’ve committed to purchase, then they are entitled to accessing the home whenever they wish. This is the time when the sellers are trying to get the repairs done amongst packing and moving. The best time for a visit would be when the inspector is there or during the final walkthrough before closing.

Renegotiating After the Negotiation. When a buyers agrees on a price but then repeatedly demands concessions and discounts, it can drive sellers nuts. Buyers need to realize that with an existing home, everything is not going to be perfect. Sometimes the buyer’s bank will send a letter to the seller stating that financing is conditional on a list of things that the borrower must do. This puts the sellers in a difficult situation as they are unaware of what’s on the list or how long it is. They are now unsure if they have a commitment and don’t know if they should go ahead and move or not.        

Pushing the Closing Date Forward. Buyers are usually trying to time the closing of the purchase to their own schedule and this is extremely common. It can be annoying to the seller when the buyer wants to close before they are ready to move out. The closing date should work for all parties. The buyers and sellers need to coordinate a schedule, but still be respectful to each other. For further reading, see: Six Ways That Home Sellers Drive Homebuyers Crazy, and: 5 Ways Homebuyers Make Their Agent’s Job Harder.

2 thoughts on “Buyers Frequently Annoy Sellers Without Even Realizing It. Follow These Pointers To Avoid Irritating The Owner

  1. Samantha says: buyer wants to move in way sooner than I expect, and I don’t know that its possible to do this. My realtor suggested to work with her on the date, but I really can’t move it. Is this okay?

  2. Gary Thompson says:

    Hi Samantha,

    You should absolutely be flexible. As long as the time period she would like to move in is not incredibly difficult, such as the next day, you don’t want to lose a sale over a move-out date. Consider moving in with friends or family for a few weeks until you find something, and get a storage unit. REPEAT – you do not want to lose a sale on your home over an argument such as this.

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